Shinji Masuko album “Woven Music” releases 4/26/11 + more!!!

April 25th, 2011

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Hi!  It’s Blood, remember me?  The above-posted tune popped into my head when I began to work on this post (don’t hate). Yeah, it’s been pretty quiet around here, and I certainly haven’t been up to much.   But it’s good to be back, and so far I can say that some things don’t change… I really hate the opening paragraph.  So let’s skip it and get right to the important stuff, shall we?

This week, multi-talented Shinji Masuko of Boredoms/DMBQ has a record dropping on Brah!  What were first created as backing tracks for Boredom’s performances have been reworked by Shinji for release as his first solo album, Woven Music. Tuesday, April 26 is the release date and heads should click the link because there are only 700 copies available and thus it would behoove you to snap up a copy promptly to avoid missing any boats.  It sounds great and it wants to go home with you, seriously, what more could you want from us?  And we’ll have more from Shinji in the near future so check back for that!

(From Brahject 7: Audrey Chen… Photo by Z. Lehrhoff)

The JagBrah team is also working on a Brahject to support recovery efforts in Japan and HELLO, some of you have not gotten back to me yet!!!  You know who you are, don’t make me come back here to publicly shame you.  Then again, two posts in one week!?!?   My editor-in-chief would think I’ve sustained a brain injury, if he doesn’t already. 

Also, please be advised that Brah now has a twitter.  The only people I’ve ever followed, and not literally because I don’t actually have an account, are Shaq and the guy who played Bill on Freaks & Geeks.  I’ve also learned not to follow football players.  What I’m saying is, if you’re the type who tweets, let’s follow each other.

And in non-Brah related news, I think anyone who enjoys this blog (should I say ‘read’ instead of ‘enjoy’ and not press my luck?) should go to see Blank City, a documentary about the DIY filmmaking scene in the LES during the late 70s/early 80s.  It’s at IFC Center until Thursday and it’s already been extended a few times so this may be your last chance to get there before it closes and if you miss it you’ll know that you’ve failed at life.  Just kidding.  But you will have failed at seeing Blank City and that would be uncool.

Order Shinji’s record!  Go see Blank City!!  Email me suggestions for future posts, or your Derby picks or an essay on why you think I should not be given a forum on the internet.  That last one I won’t respond to, but I’ll respect your opinion.