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Hey brahs and sahs -

I’m thrilled you’re curious about submitting jams to Brah. We are temporarily not accepting any demos through the mail. If you want to drop us an email you can – but we can't make any promises about a reply. Currently all of us at Brah are overtaxed and under siege and can't receive mail.

If you are playing live in the New York area you’re welcome to give us a heads up.

Taking a page from the Paw Tracks submissions policy, who took a cue from the Sun City Girls: it doesn’t really matter what Brah thinks about your recordings. If you’re believing in it then it has succeeded. Our rejection then becomes our loss. We ain’t perfect. Taste is relative. You might notice that Brah is quite unfashionable and our artists are a bunch of misfit children. You can read into this comment what you will.

If you are interested in submitting something to our news page you can send us an email with your thoughts.

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Rick Moody

Hey everyone so this piece has been brewing almost as long as the follow up to The Enchanter Persuaded. . .this is Kid talking. I read this review by the great Rick Moody and realized he was as addicted to rock biographies as I. So I decided, what the f I would write to him and take his pulse on music bios. What follows is our reconstituted email exchange with our recommendations sprinkled in...
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